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Staying In Closer Touch: Literati Fundraiser!

Staying in Closer Touch: Literati Fundraiser!

Senghor’s autobiography drew standing-room-only crowds

Shaka Senghor, author of Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death and Redemption in an American Prison, spoke at the Ann Arbor bookstore Literati on Friday, August 26. Mr. Senghor pledged the proceeds of that night’s sales to Children’s Literacy Network, specifically to help fund our Staying in Closer Touch program. SICT connects volunteers with local inmates; the volunteers help inmates record the children’s book they select, and then the volunteer mails the cd of the story and the book to the inmate’s child.

Many inmates have shared with CLN how much this program means to them, and some record several stories at one session. Mr. Senghor observed, in his autobiography, how difficult it was to stay connected with his son, who grew into his teen years while Mr. Senghor was behind bars:

“…I was scared for Li’l Jay and all of the other young men who had fathers like me-fathers who were languishing away in prison cells while their sons grew up lost and angry…I worried about what would happen if I wasn’t around t save my son from going down the same path I had trod….”p. 198-199

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