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CLN At The Kerrytown Bookfest

CLN at the Kerrytown Bookfest

The annual Kerrytown Bookfest is a natural fit for Children’s Literacy Network, and we love visiting it each year! The description of their mission on their website says it all…

The Kerrytown Bookfest is an annual free event celebrating those who create books and those who read them. The primary goal is to highlight our area’s rich heritage in the book and printing arts while showcasing our local and regional individuals, businesses, and organizations.

How perfect is that? So we set up a table and distributed information about our cause. We signed up some volunteers and really got the word out to more people who loved hearing about us.

We knew we were really preaching to the choir, here, because our cause is something Bookfest attendees would surely understand: at Children’s Literacy Network, we get books into the hands of children who may not have them, and we try to build a love of reading in all children.

We saw a good many smiles and nods in the faces of the adults, and grins on the faces of the children.

We can’t wait until next year.

Happy Kerrytown Bookfest attendees

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