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Who We Are

Children’s Literacy Network, formerly Family Book Club, and originally called the Baby Book Club, is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) grassroots organization founded in 1991 by a group of educators dedicated to promoting the benefits of literacy. We believe that reading is one of the greatest joys and keys to success in life.

Our Definition of Reading

Reading is more than calling out words on a page. We believe that written words are not needed in books for the entire first year of life. We emphasize looking at pictures, talking about the pictures and cuddling while doing so. We encourage turning off the television and having a quiet, attentive verbal time with children. We value reading multicultural books where children can see themselves depicted in the books. We underscore how important the combination of language stimulation and social/emotional interaction is to a child’s literacy development and overall well-being.

Core Beliefs

We believe

  • being able to read is the foundation of success in school and to a great extent in life.
  • in promoting the learning and loving of reading at all age groups.
  • it is never too early to start reading to children. We encourage reading to newborns.
  • it is never too late to develop a love of reading.
  • in providing multicultural books with the belief that children need to see themselves depicted in the books they read.
  • reading to a child includes an important emotional bonding experience.
  • in focusing on low-income families since they often do not have the means to have many books in their homes.
  • in striving to include an educational element in all of our programs rather than simply giving books away.
  • our mission is best served through community partnerships and collaborations.

Points of Pride

  • We served approximately 4,700 children in the past year.
  • More than 15, 000 books were given to children in under-resourced families, children with an parent incarcerated in Washtenaw County, and children of teenage parents.
  • 85 volunteers carried out our programs, staffed events, provided office support, and served on our Board.
  • Volunteers contributed more than 2, 500 hours.
  • 36 partner organizations distributed our books to children in Washtenaw County this year.
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