We are a small, grassroots organization. Individual contributions are the backbone of the financial support of our programs. Your contribution will make a difference:

  • $5 will pay for mailing books to 3 children of an incarcerated parent
  • $10 can purchase a book for a preschooler and two siblings
  • $25 buys 8 months of books for a child in our Read to Kids program
  • $50 buys 10 Read to Baby packets with a baby book for new moms in our Mother and Baby program
  • $100 purchases 2 digital voice recorders for our SICT program for incarcerated parents and their children

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Joan Weisman, co-founder, and husband, Arthur Parris, Treasurer for the first 12 years

Arthur was the husband of our late co-founder Joan Weisman.  He was involved with CLN from the beginning when we started as the Baby Book Club.

Co-founder Jenni Zimmer remembers him fondly:

“Joan and Arthur provided their garage as our first book storage facility and Arthur took charge of constructing our first bookshelves out of milk crates and boards. This was in 1991. The books soon took over a good part of their garage space.

“While Joan and I were official cofounders of the organization, I would credit Arthur for being right in there with us. He was the treasurer for the first twelve years. He was not a numbers guy by nature. Rather an accomplished pianist and professor of music theory at EMU. But he recognized the fact that no one else wanted the job at the time. So he took it and worked tirelessly and earnestly. He was always extremely supportive of our efforts in all ways.

“Arthur was a lifelong learner, staying fully abreast of all of the current events and reading extensively. He remained actively involved in several nonprofits well into his 80’s and was vice-president of the Gray Panthers for some time. He continued to teach music appreciation well beyond his formal retirement, even teaching a class at the retirement community where he and Joan lived out their days.”

Read more about Arthur’s life here.