Click here to make a donation in memory of Bette Cornish.

Bette is the mother of long time CLN volunteer Nanci Jenkins.  Nanci describes Bette as “a huge advocate for reading and fostered my love of books. She valued the importance of children being read to and always read to me as a child. One summer she challenged me to read my way through the youth section of our small town library. She always had a stack of books by her bed and growing up Saturday morning was ALWAYS a trip to the library. Books at Christmas were always under the tree and we were excited to get them. In her later years she continued to have books delivered to her condo by her library there and was reading right up to when she went into the nursing home at 90.”


We are a small, grassroots organization.  Individual contributions are the backbone of the financial support of our programs.  Your contribution will make a difference:

  • $5 will pay for mailing books to 3 children of an incarcerated parent
  • $10 can purchase a book for a preschooler and two siblings
  • $25 buys 8 months of books for a child in our Read to Kids program
  • $50 buys 10 Read to Baby packets with a baby book for new moms in our Mother and Baby program
  • $100 purchases 2 digital voice recorders for our SICT program for incarcerated parents and their children

Please support us with a contribution of any size, click here.