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Mothers And Babies

Mothers and Babies

Volunteers assemble baby welcome packets for at-risk mothers. Each packet contains an infant book, information on the value of reading, and practical tips for a baby’s healthy development.

Read To Kids

Read to Kids

Parents at local Head Start programs earn free books for the whole family by reading aloud with their children ten times each month.

Staying In Closer Touch

Staying in Closer Touch

This program takes place at three correctional facilities in Washtenaw County. Volunteers work one-on-one with incarcerated parents to read a book aloud and make a voice recording.

Summer Book Program

Summer Book Program

The Summer Book Program provides eight books for kindergarten through third grade students to take home and read during the summer. This program is current in six elementary schools in Washtenaw County.


You can make a difference!
Many of our programs depend on volunteers to:

  • help incarcerated parents make recordings, burn CD’s, package and mail books and CDs to children
  • help prepare packets with information on the value of reading
  • help children pick out books at our end-of-year giveaway and during summer visits by our bookmobile


Mitchell Elementary School
Eastbrook Elementary School
Carpenter Elementary School
Adams Elementary School
Holmes Elementary School
Pittsfield Elementary School
Success by Six
Packard Health Fair
Ballin’ in the Boulevard
Head Start
Kerrytown Book Fest
Women, Infants, Children (WIC)
0 in 10
children in Michigan currently have a parent in prison.
of those in prison are unable to read above a 4th grade level.
books selected by a child and read over the summer is as effective as summer school in raising the student's reading score.
of the reading achievement gap accumulates during summer months, traced to a lack of access to books.

What We Do Matters.

Thoughts from the parents, teachers, volunteers, and kids we work with...

A fifth grader whom I taught when she was a struggling third grader, told me she was "addicted" to the books from a particular series she'd received as part of CLN's summer reading program. She begged me to order the rest from the public library for her. This is a girl who used to hate to read! She's among those who improved their reading scores over the summer. Tremendous.

Several months after recording a mother, she stopped by to thank us, again, and to tell us her son had brought his recording and book to school. She's been in prison since he was a baby so his friends haven't met her, nor have any of his teachers. “This is my mom,” he told his teacher, holding up the CD, along with his book. “This is my mom.” The book, the actual, physical object, acquired significant emotional and symbolic weight, a presence, a proxy, for an unimaginable absence. “Well,” this first-grade teacher said, “let’s meet your mom.” She played the CD for the class, twice.

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